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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Boise Weekly mentions ePodcast Producer

ePodcast Producer received a mention in the Boise Weekly for the week of March 9th.

Especially with signs of advanced interest emerging to foreshadow future costs of podcast downloads, such as Industrial Audio Software (IAS) announcing their ePodcast Producer on March 2. The ePodcast Producer is the world's first completely integrated software package combining recording, editing, RSS feed creation, and FTP uploading, according to IAS.

Essentially, if you want to produce your own podcasting show, follow these three steps and with a little patience you'll be rivaling Rockwell's Daily Download. First, plug a USB headset with earphone and microphone into your computer. Then install the free Audacity MP3 recorder for Windows, Mac, or Linux to make a recording and save it as an MP3 file. Finally, upload the MP3 file to your Web site or blog and follow the instructions at ipodder.org to create an RSS feed on your site. If that seems too effortless an explanation or you crave the single interface and "technical superiority" of an ePodcast Producer, visit http://www.industrialaudiosoftware.com/ instead to place an order, and bow your head in shame for a failed podcast-it-yourself attempt.

Link to the full article: Podcasting for the Plebian; The latest in Internet technology decoded

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