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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ePodcast Producer version 1.0.16 released - March 17, 2005

ePodcast Producer version 1.0.16 released on March 17,2005 has many changes and bug fixes over the previous version.

The major change is that now the Trial version allows saving and uploading to a FTP site a 1 minute length Podcast for the 14 days Trial Period.

Bug fixes and Changes


1. The Trial version now saves and uploads up to 1 minute length of audio within the 14 days Trial period.
2. Activation implemented in iPP Trial version 1.0.16
3. Colors setting changes implemented in ePPRecorder. (View/Set Color)

Bug fixes:

1. The size of the exe's have been lowered. This is because most of the images have been changed to JPEGs from BMPs. Now Installation is of fairly Low size
2. "Edit the Mixed track" is not implemented in the ePodcast Producer.(Now Implemented)
3. In the "Wizard", when I set the button text I don't see the text I just typed in.( Now button captions are shown )
4. There is no way to stop a sound from the sound effects set! ( Now Pressing Esc key stops them )
5. The balloon for the mix slider is wrong. Now it is showing "Fader"
The legends for the mix slider are wrong- +/- 20dB is very confusing. ( Removed. Fader label added )
6. The Load segment is changed to "Locate Audio"
7. Save Voice Track and Save Music Track buttons were only saving music track
8. The tempo of audio segments changed on multiple format conversions
9. Check for not choosing more than 12 files in wizard.
10. While playing back the performance, the cursor in the Voice track and in the Music track are not synchronized.
11. In the "Set Button text" page, if I write some text in the "Button text", but no track is selected in the List box in the left, the "Assign" button is enabled but not doing anything neither it is showing any message.
12. ePP showing "List Index out of bounds" error message.
13. The ePodcast Producer display is not proper initially when a Proactive dialog box appears on it and after that when I am going through the Podcast wizard. The buttons controls are not displayed properly.
14. "Mix down to new file" is confusing, especially with the "Save Music Track" and "Save Voice Track" buttons.
15. The text on the button "edit mixed down" is wrong.
Note: Changed to "Edit Mixed Track"
16. Typo on the first dialog box that appear on the ePP.
17. If you click on File->New the wizard opens in the set button text dialog rather than the dialog for selecting files.
18. When trying to change the format, ePP showing message
"Error: Could not open input wave file. Please close other applications and try again. Error code 452"
19. Saved file is opened in the ePPEditor, but saving it as podcast ipp is showing message "No audio file is there for saving as a podcast"

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