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Friday, May 13, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version 1.1.3 released May 13, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version 1.1.3 released May 13, 2005

This version has the following Changes and bug fixes.

Changes in this version:

1. New Feature "Teleprompter" implemented.
2. Text on function key button display: "Press ESC key to stop effect playback."
3. The Export/Real Audio files are removed, from the ePP installation, and now it is available in a separate plugin, saving approx 900kb in the Installation.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Spelling Mistake "Shift" corrected.
2. The Welcome screen now appears by default when program is launched.
3. In ePPRecorder, the menu option File/Open is now opening the "Welcome Screen" and launching Podcast Wizard.
4. In the ePP Editor Trial version, even if the loaded file is smaller than 1 minute. when trying to save this file, the program is showing Trial limitation message.
5. When no file is loaded in right effects pane, exception error occurs.
6. Not able to podcast an audio file in the existing podcast feed.
7. On opening podcast and normal file alternatively or closing them left podcast buttons in indefinite state.
8. Track splitter could not be launched from ePP Editor.
9. After viewing the podcast info and then uploading, message "This podcast is not saved" was shown.

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