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Monday, June 27, 2005

ePodcast Creator ver 1.0.18 Released June 27, 2005

ePodcast Creator ver 1.0.18 Released June 27, 2005

This version has the following changes.

Changes in this version:
1. Removed one minute saving for trial versions.
2. Pause recording feature added.
3. Added function to create an HTML file according to the page Template, while saving a podcast file, and uploading the file as a podcast.
4. Single button on the UI and entry under the File menu to upload podcast. [This is in ePCRecorder only]
5. Changed the size of the Fader Mix.
6. Display Podcast information before uploading.
7. ePCEditor prompts to enter ID3 Tag information while saving a file. Added menu item "File/Change Song Info".

Bug Fixes:
1. ePCEditor Trial is not asking to save the modified file.
2. Modification for device difference in control panel output device and device selected in preference.
3. Recording right volume slide bar enabled for mono devices.
4. In ePCEditor opening a podcast and uploading it is showing access violation message. "Access violation at address 7C913144 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00404019"
5. Music files lost on music function keys under some conditions.
6. The popup menu does not have option to add effect in F7 key.
7. The Music Segments [function key's] panel overriding the locate music [Right] Pan.
8. Loading more than one file for a button on same page shows ToolTip Text filename twice.
9. Make default saving of Files to .MP3 instead of .WAV.
10. Access violation problem when uploading the podcast in Wav. format through the Welcome screen.
11. Yes/No Buttons of restore music tab are not working properly when creating more than one podcast.
12. Save FTP session problem.

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