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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ePodcast Express ­ The Easiest Way Yet to Upload Podcasts

(Seattle, WA) Now, no matter how a podcast is created, Industrial Audio Software offers the easiest, most complete solution yet to the entire process of creating RSS feeds and uploading: ePodcast Express. The newest addition to the popular ePodcast Series is being launched this weekend at Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California. ePodcast Express offers step-by-step express publishing of all audio files for the first time podcaster, as well as support for full iTunes tagging. It will be available as a standalone product and incorporated into ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator.

Since its inception almost two years ago, podcasting has grown to an international communications phenomena, with participants from grandmothers to garage bands to Fortune 500 companies. From the beginning, though, it has been the process of creating feeds and uploading to a host site on the web that has been the most intimidating part of the podcasting process. But now, ePodcast Express promises simple, affordable solutions to these challenges in a way that even the most technologically challenged can appreciate and understand.

ePodcast Express utilizes an interactive Assistant to walk users through the steps, with easily accessible onscreen help-presented in a question/answer format-available from the menu. Each question and its implications in the process are defined and illustrated by examples. In keeping with the philosophy behind such other ePodcast Series successes as ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator, ePodcast Express is designed to be used by professionals and part-time podcasters alike.

In response to various levels of need, Industrial Audio Software CEO, Tom Jeffries, spoke recently in an interview with Paul Colligan of PodcastTools.com. "Our approach recognizes different personal styles in podcasting," he said. "With the ePodcast Series, we're creating products that reflect these differences in style." ePodcast Express is the latest innovative offering from the company whose expressed goal has always been that of "Giving the World a Voice."

About Industrial Audio Software:

Industrial Audio Software is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc.( http://www.singingelectrons.com). Since 1984 Singing Electrons, Inc. has been a world leader in developing device drivers, applications, and firmware for AT&T, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Motorola, NASA, Philips, QSound Labs, Samsung, Yahoo!, and a host of other companies.

For Industrial Audio Software, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261 http://www.industrialaudiosoftware.com
Further Information: Tom Jeffries, 360-468-2108, [email protected]

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