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Saturday, June 04, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version 1.2.7 released June 04, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version 1.2.7 released June 04, 2005

This version has the following changes.

1. The Podcast Wizard has two new tabs added to the wizard: 'Music Quality' and 'Restore Music'.

2. Added ability to restore the last used set of music function key assignments from
the last podcast session. In new session, user is asked if they want to assign the last used music files to the current session.

3. When pressing the Record button, program by default opens the Podcast Wizard, and begins the podcast process. User may choose not to go through the Podcast Wizard steps and directly proceed to recording.

4. Custom option added in the "Existing Host" field in the "Save Podcast" dialog box. Two pre-existing free & trial host services are included in the ini file, and also in the "Existing Host” field in the "Save Podcast" dialog box. Program automatically enters the URL for these two hosts.

5. VoiceFX Feature added to program. Five Voice Effects Presets are included with the program, that user may custom configure.

6. In the ePPEditor two new effects added in the Effects menu option:“Robot” and “Pitch Shift.”

7. Main recording interface added prompts "Locate Music", "Stop Music", "Pres Esc to stop music.”

Bug Fixes:
1. Track Splitter, when clicking on the edit/Burn button, was not opening the file in the ePP Editor.
2. In the Track Splitter, incorrect references have been removed from the program. [From the Edit and Burn buttons and Help Menu]

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