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We invite you to contribute to these lesson plans with examples of your own. Send lesson plans, study guides, or ideas you plan on implementing which incorporate podcasting into the classroom to our educational coordinator at: [email protected]. We also invite you to join IAS's discussion group and the Yahoo! discussion group for education and podcasting.

Elementary School
Lesson Plan: The Living Biography
Recommended: 4th/5th grade:

Objective: Use podcasting to have students create a living audio biography of someone they've studied.

For this, divide your class into groups of 5 to 9 students, depending on the size of your class. Most drama teachers have found that odd-numbered groups provide a better dynamic for dramatic situations and you probably don't want more than 4 groups to try and manage as each group will be reading and presenting a different biography. Trying to keep tabs on more than 4 groups might prove to be a little too challenging.

Each group should study the biography of someone you'd like the class to learn about. Patria Press's Young Patriots Series or the biographies of the author Barbara O'Connor are a good place to start for age appropriate material. Your librarian will have more authors and titles.

As they read the biography, students should take notes for the reader's theater they will be presenting. They should have one student be the narrator, telling listeners about important events in the life of the person, and have other students be the actors and actresses, performing speeches and reciting from the works of that person. In addition, encourage them to imagine things such as interviews and conversations and create dialog to bring the person to life. (For example, what might Amelia Earhart have talked about on her last flight? Students can use what they've learned through reading, along with their imagination with some close guidance from you.)

Students then create a podcast using the script they've produced during their study. They can select some music from the period if they like, have sound effects, even use others in the class who aren't members of their groups to provide background noise for crowd scenes.

Added bonus: When the podcasts are uploaded, write to the hometowns, museums, or societies devoted to studying the person whose life has been treated in their podcasts, and ask them to link your students' work on their own websites!

Industrial Audio Software invites you to list podcasts you develop using our products on our web site. Gain free additional exposure for your students and their work. Just email at [email protected] for further details.

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