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1. Getting Started: Loading Audio Files   Stereo And Mono Files      
Editing Sounds with ePodcast Producer

1. Loading Audio Files
2. Stereo And Mono Files
3. Selecting Part of Wave File
4. Zooming In and Out
5. Cutting Part of Wave File
6. Copying and Pasting part of a Wave File
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Both ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator use similar functions in their editors in order to provide you with the most versatile, easy-to-use sound editor available in any podcasting system. ePodcast Producer provides more editing tools and effects, but the instructions below pertain to both programs.

One note: Throughout this tutorial we talk about waves and waveforms. For our purposes, a wave is a sound and a waveform is really just a picture of what the audio file looks like on a special kind of a graph.

Begin by launching ePodcast Producer; then click Tools->Launch Editor. Once the Editor is opened, load an audio file. There are 2 easy ways to do this:

1) Load a Wave or MP3 file by clicking click File->Open in the menu. When you do, you will see the following dialog box.

Open Dialog

Choose .Wav or .MP3 in the File Type edit box from the Open dialog box and open the appropriate file.

2) Simply Drag & Drop the Wave or MP3 file you want to edit from the desktop into the Editor. You do this by clicking on the file you wish to edit, holding down the mouse clicker, and dragging the file anywhere into the Editor. Let up on the clicker and the file will load.

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Loading Audio Files Stereo And Mono Files Selecting Part of Wave File Zooming In and Out Cutting Part of Wave File Copying and Pasting part of a Wave File Stereo And Mono Files

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