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2. Stereo & Mono Files   Loading Audio Files         Selecting Part of Wave File      
Editing Sounds with ePodcast Producer

1. Loading Audio Files
2. Stereo And Mono Files
3. Selecting Part of Wave File
4. Zooming In and Out
5. Cutting Part of Wave File
6. Copying and Pasting part of a Wave File
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Sound files can be stereo, with a right channel and a left channel, or they can be mono with just one channel. Here's what a stereo file looks like:

Stereo file

Here's what a mono file looks like:

Mono file

Edit operations like cut, copy, and paste affect both channels on a stereo file. When you add effects from the Effects menu like EQ, Bass Boost, and Echo you have a choice between adding the effect on one channel or both.

You can convert a stereo file to mono or a mono file to stereo by clicking Edit->Change Format.

Note: If you convert stereo to mono, it will mix both channels together; once this is done, you cannot get the channel separation back by attempting to convert it back to a stereo file.

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Loading Audio Files Loading Audio Files Stereo And Mono Files Selecting Part of Wave File Zooming In and Out Cutting Part of Wave File Copying and Pasting part of a Wave File Selecting Part of Wave File

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