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1. What is Podcasting?   RSS feeds & podcasting      
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1. What is Podcasting?
2. RSS feeds & podcasting
3. FTP
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Podcasting, the innovative and rapidly growing way of "Giving the World a Voice," can transform a PC into a tool for creating, uploading, and transmitting a private radio show. Its phenomenal growth is being matched by its potential revolutionary impact. In less than a year, it has grown from an idea for discussion to an event that is being compared to the internet explosion and the early days of AM radio.

Podcasting appeals to a variety of people for an equally varied number of reasons. Garage bands, managerial professionals, single mothers, bass fishermen, hobbyists, classroom teachers, small churches, and large corporations-all are finding podcasting to be the ideal vehicle for sharing their message, music, views, advice, and products with audiences throughout the world.

Podcasting allows the user the ability to record, edit, create, and broadcast audio programming to anyone with an audio device that supports MP3 files. With the addition of XML formatting to create an RSS feed, a listener is then able to subscribe to a feed and download audio content on demand. Podcasting's break from the traditional models of radio allows broadcasters and their audiences to engage in exchanges free from the traditional restrictions of the airwaves and the constraints of traditional program schedules.

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What is Podcast? RSS feeds & podcasting ftp RSS feeds & podcasting

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