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Step 5- Playing back and editing your podcast   Recording your podcast         Choosing your music and sound effects      
Creating your first podcast with ePodcast Producer
1. Setting up
2. Choosing your music and sound effects
3. Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen
4. Recording your podcast
5. Playing back and editing your podcast
6. Saving a Podcast
7. Uploading a Podcast
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ePP Podcast Tutorial
To listen to the podcast tutorial for ePodcast Producer Version 2, click here. Download and follow along as you use ePodcast Producer. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Part I - Recording & editing your first podcast using ePodcast Producer
FREE video demo
Click here to watch a FREE video demo of ePodcast Producer Now!

To preview your podcast before editing, click Voice, Music, or Mix under Playback in the upper left hand side of the screen.

To access the Editor, click on Edit Voice Track and the ePodcast Editor will open with the Voice track already loaded. If you wish to increase the volume of your voice, click Effects->Amplify, enter the amount you want to amplify the voice track you just recorded, then File->Save to save your changes. Use this same process with any of the many studio effects included in ePodcast Producer.

To return to the Recording screen, click OK to load the modified file into the Recorder. Then play back the mix to make sure you have it right.

For details on inserting recordings into tracks while they're in the editor, cutting, copying, pasting, and working with Wave files in general, click here.

You can edit the Voice Track, the Music Track, and the Mix Track. Note: In order to edit the Mix Track, you must first click Save Mix Track. Your podcast can be uploaded from within either ePodcast Recorder or ePodcast Editor.

Take time to look at the options in the Tools Menu of the Editor. Here you can find the tools to Rip & Burn CDs; split tracks; clean up recordings; and record VoIP conversations.

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Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Setting up Choosing your music and sound effects Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Recording your podcast playing back and editing your podcast Saving a Podcast Uploading a Podcast Setting up

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