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Step 1 - Setting up   Choosing your music and sound effects      
Creating your first podcast with ePodcast Producer
1. Setting up
2. Choosing your music and sound effects
3. Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen
4. Recording your podcast
5. Playing back and editing your podcast
6. Saving a Podcast
7. Uploading a Podcast
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ePP Podcast Tutorial
To listen to the podcast tutorial for ePodcast Producer Version 2, click here. Download and follow along as you use ePodcast Producer. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Part I - Recording & editing your first podcast using ePodcast Producer
FREE video demo
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Podcasting with ePodcast Producer

Creating a podcast with ePodcast Producer starts with a computer running with Win 2000/XP/Vista, as well as a standard sound card or a USB audio device. You'll also need a microphone and either headphones or speakers. Note: If using speakers, do not place the mic too close to them as this can cause feedback.

Before beginning, take a few minutes to do the following:

a) Make sure your microphone, speakers, and/or headset are plugged in and working. Connect the microphone and speakers to your computer or external sound card. For more information, refer to the operating instructions for these devices. Note the name of the audio input location (i.e., Line, Microphone, SPDIF Interface, Stereo Mix, etc.) for reference in Step 4.

Note: If you are having trouble with your recording device registering sound in ePodcast Producer once you try and begin recording, go to File -> Preferences and click Devices. Make sure that under Playback Device and Recording Device it shows the device you are using.)

b) If you wish to use music or sound effects files and they are already available in you computer, make sure you know their location, such as your desktop or in My Documents.

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Setting up Choosing your music and sound effects Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Recording your podcast playing back and editing your podcast Saving a Podcast Uploading a Podcast Choosing your music and sound effects

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