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Step 7- Uploading a Podcast   Saving A Podcast      
Creating your first podcast with ePodcast Producer
1. Setting up
2. Choosing your music and sound effects
3. Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen
4. Recording your podcast
5. Playing back and editing your podcast
6. Saving a Podcast
7. Uploading a Podcast
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ePP Podcast Tutorial
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Part I - Recording & editing your first podcast using ePodcast Producer
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In the FTP Host Selection window, select your FTP Host. This is the site to which your podcast will be uploaded on the internet. ePodcast Producer gives you the choice of a preselected host, Libsyn, or you may click Custom and fill in the information from your own FTP host. Note: You must have accounts with any podcast host, including Libsyn, before uploading to them.

Your FTP address will look like this:

Your FTP Web Link will look like this:

Note: Fields marked by a red asterisk are mandatory and need to be filled in. If you need further examples of how to do this, please check the questions from the help files on the right hand side of the window.

Feed Info Window: Enter the Feed Name in the top box. This will automatically create the .xml file which will accompany your podcast.

Note: As you continue, you'll see that the fields you have filled in are autofilled when they appear again. Such things as FTP information will remain in the ePodcast Express portion of ePodcast Producer so they don't have to be filled in more than once.

In the Podcast Episode window, fill out the title and description of your podcast if you have not already done so.

Upload window: Click Upload to upload your podcast to your host site on the internet. When the blue line stops loading at the bottom of the screen, your podcast has been successfully uploaded.

Note: For information on such additional features as adding your podcast to an existing series or creating tags to list with the iTunes Podcasting Directory, see the help files which accompany the questions on the right hand side of the windows in ePodcast Express.

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Saving a Podcast Setting up Choosing your music and sound effects Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Recording your podcast playing back and editing your podcast Saving a Podcast Uploading a Podcast

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