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Podcasting for Educators
Industrial Audio Software recognizes that the demands today on schools trying to cut down their costs, teachers, and students are greater than they've ever been. That's why we've made it our business to help educators and schools develop strategies to make the latest innovations in audio technology work for them. Podcasting, the centerpiece of IAS's Educational Division, is the tool that allows you to make the maximum use of your valuable time. By offering quality products, personal service, clear tutorials, educational discounts, and a staff whose background and experience include everything from public education to software design, we at Industrial Audio Software make podcasting easy and affordable for any school and viable for every educational or extracurricular program.

Industrial Audio Software shows you how to create:
  • Schools where the doors never close.
  • Schools where students can be absent and never miss a class.
  • Schools where valuable lectures and class discussions are available to students anywhere, anytime.
  • Schools and districts where staff development and in-service classes are always available at the participant's convenience.
  • Schools whose best programs are sent to alumni and other schools around the world.

Our featured products include ePodcast Producer, the world�s first completely integrated podcasting software system, and ePodcast Creator, the first completely integrated podcasting software system designed for the first-time user. Industrial Audio Software offers educators and schools all the software and hardware needed to create professional podcasting programming. We offer training, discounts for educators, schools, and school districts, and are actively involved in helping schools set up their own podcasts.

For further information about discounts and programs contact :

Educational Coordinator, ( [email protected] ).

Join Discussion: Classroom Applications of Podcasting

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