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AudiMax Dual   Professional USB Audio with Dolby 5.1
  • True Plug and Play Recording and Playback!
  • Built-in mic with Echo Cancellation! No feedback with speakers!
  • Perfect for Skype and VoIP!
  • Full Dolby 5.1 or DTS Home Theater Surround Sound with DVDs!
  • Record from minidiscs, radios, tape players, microphones, stereos
  • Six (!!!) analog outputs, stereo mic preamp, headphone output, SP/DIF!
  • AudiMax Dual 5.1CH USB Sound Card  
    The AudiMax Professional USB Audio device is an external sound card- no need to take your computer apart to install it! Just plug it into any USB 1.x port and you can play back and record studio quality sound using a desktop or laptop PC without sound interference that computers generate internally!

    And thatís just the start! The AudiMax has 6 analog outputs. It comes with a software DVD player that allows you to experience Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 sound while playing your favorite Dolby-enabled DVDs! It has a mic input with built-in stereo preamp, a headphone jack, 6 analog outputs and two analog inputs, and SP/DIF connectors for recording to or from your minidisc recorder.

    Designed with Echo Cancellation for use with its built-in mic. This means speaker sound is subtracted from the mic so thereís no feedback! Use it for the clearest Skype calls youíve ever made!

    Sleek and portable, the AudiMax is perfect for laptop owners with no cLine Input, or for desktop owners who want an easy, inexpensive way to improve their audio. Your computerís interior is filled with electronic noise which degrades audio quality- that's why putting the audio hardware outside the box in a USB audio device works so well.
      AudiMax Dual's Features
    • Full-Featured High-Definition Audio Upgrade
    • Pass Pure Audio Signals to Dolby Digital and DTS Decoders
    • Plug In with Analog Inputs (2) and Outputs (6) plus an Optical Digital Input and Output
    • High-Fidelity Headphone Amp and Microphone Pre-Amp
    • Experience Stereo Audio Sources with Expanded 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
    • Optical Digital Input and Output for pure Digital Audio Transfer
    • Compose Seamlessly with all DJ Music Software
    • Emulate Multi-Channel Surround Sound with SRS TruSurround XT with Enhanced Bass and Dialog
    • Independent Surround Sound Channel Volume Control
    • Experience Mobile High Fidelity with Integrated Headphone Amp
    • Connect to Your Notebook or Desktop PC USB Port
    • Easy Installation, Simple Operation, and Portable Design
    AudiMax Dual 5.1CH USB Sound Card

    Read the specs and you'll agree this is the most cost effective audio solution around:

    • Interface: USB Ver1.1, USB Audio Class Spec Ver1.0
    • Analog Inputs
      Type: 2 Channels analog line input (3.5mm jack)
    • Analog Outputs
      Type: 6 Channels analog line output (3.5 mm jack x 3)
    • External microphone preamplifier
    • Headphone Output
      1) TYPE: 3.5 mm mini phone jack
      2) Output Power: 60mW Max
      3) (THD+N)/S: -78dB, 0.03%(Typical)
    • FM1073 (DSP) digital signal processor plus build in microphone Analog inputs
      1) Bandwidth 120-3400Hz
      2) ADC 8KHz Sample Rate, 70dB SNR Analog outputs
      3) DAC 8KHz sample rate, 70dB SNR Echo Cancellation
      4) Noise suppression
    • Sample rate supports: 48 kHz
    • Bits Resolution: 16-bit
    • Digital I/O
      1) Type: Mini Optical Connector (TOS-LINK)
      3) Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
      4) Bit Resolution: 16 bit
    • A/D Converter
      1) Dynamic Range (S/N): 91 dB A-Weighted (Typical)
      2) Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20kHz
      3) Resolution: 18 Bit
    • D/A Converter
      1) Dynamic Range (S/N) : 88 dB A-Weighted (Typical)
      2) Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz (@ fs=48 kHz)
      3) Resolution: 18 Bit

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