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ePodcast Creator's Version History

 ePodcast Creator Version 2.0.65 released May 28, 2007
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Now Vista Compatible-New.
  2. Added support of Fraunhofer Professional Codec for Windows XP & WMP 10 or higher.
  3. Zip and Dll file drag and drop feature for Lame_enc.dll file for easy installation-New.
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    Bug Fixes:
  1. Problem with Realtek sound card compatibility has been fixed.
  2. Single problem in exporting file to WMA.
  3. Unable to convert certain formats in MP3 with Fraunhofer Professional Codec.

 ePodcast Creator Version 2.0.62 released December 27 2006
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Category and subcategory changes made to accommodate new iTunes specification.
  2. New added host removed from the FTP host list in ePX module.
  3. Audio files in ePodcast Creator Recorder update automatically after each editing.
  4. Audition Slider improved.
  5. Drag & Drop Feature added to Editor-New.
  6. Drag & Drop Feature added to hot buttons on Recorder-New.
  7. Additional Shortcuts added-New.
  8. Improved help files-New.
    Bug Fixes:
  1. Sometimes an incorrect duration for MP3 files was displayed.
  2. The color of the Voice or Music track wave form was not resetting.
  3. Confirmation message when users clicked Remove host button was not showing.
  4. After converting the Voice/Music Track format, sometime the wave form in the Recorder was not showing properly.
  5. Full screen or Minimum screen was not always disabling according to the selected viewing format.
  6. There was an occasional problem saving a file after editing ID3 information.
  7. User can not save Voice or Music tracks from any saving option in recorder.
  8. In ePX, there was no way to remove the ID3 information if the file had already been filled in.
  9. Sometimes ePodcast Creator�s Editor asked for activation when it was already activated.

 ePodcast Creator Version 2.0.28 released April 1, 2006
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Upload Voice or Music Track files only. Now users can upload Voice, Music, or Mixed tracks.
  2. When we are creating new PDI File from older PDI file or XML file remove the code to load the Category and Image information for the podcast Item (episode).
  3. Replace the spaces with commas in search text box when filling iTunes information for Feed and Podcast Item.
  4. The progress bar's color and size is different in the Editor.
  5. "Save Ftp login name and Password" facility is added in FTP connection dialog box.
  6. Launch ePX Option Added Under Tools menu.
  7. Replace Music Information Dialog box in Recorder and Editor with ID3 tag window.
  8. Remove ID3 Information Tab from ePX with a new form for the ID3 Information.
  9. Added a Shortcut Key Form to display all the shortcuts.
  10. Assign/Unassign Music Option if not already assigned.
  11. Change To launch Editor functionality.
  12. Provide Keyboard shortcuts for Record and Playback.
  13. Added File->Welcome Screen option.
  14. Main Form Changed to Proactive Wizard.
  15. Create a new Wizard to :
    • record a podcast
    • create a podcast from an existing audio file
    • open an existing podcast or podcast series
  16. Rebuilding menu option for ePP.
  17. Rebuilding menu option for ePC Editor options related to Save Podcast, Upload podast, View Podcast etc removed from the menu.
  18. New Implementation of ePC
    • Now ePX is the main application instead of ePC Recorder.
    • Launching Recorder from ePX. (Audio File Tab)
    • Launching Editor from ePX. (Audio File Tab)

    Bug Fixes:
  1. After completing playback in ePP or ePC editor, the Record and Play buttons status remained disabled.
  2. In Existing Feed Text box, it was showing "MP3" file name.
  3. Voice trim slider was not working during playback,
  4. Unable to close the program after converting the audio format of Podcast (after converting the music segment format).
  5. Last opened Audio file name appeared on the "Open" dialog of TelePrompter. When users clicked Open it opened the MP3 file as a text file in TelePrompter.
  6. When music segments failed to convert then their names should be removed from the music buttons.
  7. In the preview of the music file, Master Mix slider was not working.
  8. Text change on ePX interface.
  9. On Audio File tab Play and Edit buttons became disabled after opening an audio file.
  10. Were unable to open WMA file in ePX interface for podcast.
  11. Upload of a saved podcast was not functioning correctly.
  12. When a preparing audio file was cancelled, the program was not showing the "Abort" message. The same problem was appearing with WMA file also.
  13. When we cancel the MP3 conversion progress, then the program showed an error message in the place of the Abort warning message.
  14. Was unable to save the FTP Host Information.
  15. When Lame Encoder is not installed, now we show a message in the MP3 conversion dialog box if we try to save the file in MP3 format in ePC Creator or Editor.
  16. PDI and XML File support changed for new version.
  17. The enter song information dialog did not have the keyboard shortcut assigned for "Ok" and "Cancel" while "Help" button has key "H" assigned as keyboard shortcut. (ePPEditor/ePCEditor).

 ePodcast Creator Version 2.0.8 released December 10, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Added facility to stop individual audio segments by pressing audio effect button during recording of music.
  2. Display effect button status whether activated or inactive in case of playing more than one segment.
  3. Playing multiple audio effects in preview mode.
  4. Dialog box messages updated and improved.
  5. Improvements in Recorder and Editor User Interface.

    Bug Fixes:
  1. Changes in ePC Recorder to avoid displaying of format conversion dialog box multiple times.
  2. Continuous looping occurring even when trying to stop looping effect.
  3. Music Track recording at higher volume then Voice Track.
  4. Button to UI "Save Music track" and "Save Voice Track" not working.
  5. View Podcast Info button not working on ePC Editor main UI.
  6. Problems in PDI files created in ePC Version 1 series when opening from "Open Existing Podcast" or "Music File" option on the Welcome screen, as well as from the ePC Editor when opening PDI files from File/Open from Podcast menu option.
  7. Cancel button on "Insert Recording" not functioning,
  8. Assigning copy protected (WAV, WMA or MP3) files for Music Segments buttons showing wrong error message.
  9. Help Button for color dialog box in ePC Editor not working.
  10. While saving a Podcast, the FTP Web Link Edit box is entering HTTP link address.
  11. No message was shown when ePX [Save podcast wizard] completed the upload process.
  12. Unable to remove the Category information from tag "Feed iTune info."
  13. In "Advance Info" Tab of ePX, incorrect language shown of "Saved Podcast":
  14. Help text and Help button not corresponding to correct help topics in some areas of ePX.
  15. iTunes Category selection showing "Talk Radio" two times.
  16. ePC Editor showing wrong error message when saving.
  17. In some instances ePC Recorder was not loading the last used files correctly.
  18. After entering FTP information, with internet connection disconnected, clicking on Upload button showing incorrectly "Upload Complete" message.
  19. Unable to remove assigned Image from iTunes Feed or iTune item info tab.
  20. After pressing the shortcut key F10 to play the audio file assigned to it, other shortcut keys and audio effects were disabled.
  21. On the "FTP Host Selection" tab when a user enters duplicate Host name and clicked on "Next" or "Back" button "Host Name already exists" message added.
  22. ePX back button is hidden on ID3 Tag Tab when uploading podcast from ePC.
  23. Showing error message while opening the "Music files" from the Saved MFL [Music file list] file.
  24. Showing error message "List index out of bounds (0)", while opening the File from MRU.
  25. The music segment buttons should not change within ePC Recorder with Shift or Ctrl key press.
  26. LED color was not being applied in Set Colors dialog box.
  27. Bit Rate and Channel combo box are editable on Podcast Wizard's Music Quality tab.
  28. Clicking on text "Lock L/R Volumes" changed the status of "Check Box"
  29. When importing a WMA file in ePC Editor the caption bar was showing *.tmp file name.
  30. Display was not showing proper at resolution with 120 DPI font. The form windows are overlapping the Help text.
  31. The "g" letter is chopped on ePC Recorder main UI of "Effect Setting" button at resolution 1024x768 large fonts (120dpi).
  32. After changing the host settings and pressing the next button, then closing ePX without saving it would save the host settings.
  33. Added ID3 tag and song information prompt when saving as Voice, Music and Mixed track.
  34. Opening PDI file from File/Upload Podcast menu option in ePC Recorder showed an access violation.
  35. Changing the "Zoom" status and position display number with MouseOver on the "Voice" or "Music" trim slider changed the "Wave form Display" to normal position.
  36. Some fields in ePX [Save podcast] Interface were not updating in Feed Name Tab, Advance Info Tag, Feed iTune info, and iTunes info.
  37. Not Resetting the "Master Mix" and "Voice & Music" Fade Slider for New Recording.
  38. In Recorder if no format is selected playing a music file in Preview mode was not possible.
  39. Save Publication date is not implemented.
  40. Not opening the Media library
  41. Track Splitter is creating a "00:00:000" sized file.
  42. When accessing ePX interface from the editor, the message "Upload Complete" was not showing after completing the upload.
  43. Removed "Close All" menu option in file menu.
  44. The ePC Editor Trial was showing wrong splash screen in about dialog box.
  45. Some issues related to saving file as WMA.
  46. In Advance Information Tab text hints added to webmaster and editor fields.
  47. F2/F3/F4 and "+" "-" all functioning as Zoom IN/OUT.
  48. In some instances ePX Wizard closed after clicking cancel.

 ePodcast Creator Version 2.0.3 released November 12, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Major Version upgrade from 1.0.35 to 2.0.3 with many new features and enhancements.
  2. New and improved UI in ePC Recorder and Editor.
  3. Sizing and position changes in UI.
  4. ePX Integration added for easier RSS feed creation and ftp uploading.
  5. Trim sliders added for better control for Voice and Music.
  6. Allow opening of pre-recorded audio files to voice and music tracks areas in ePC recorder.
  7. Insert Recording from current cursor position.
  8. Added looping for music file playback while recording.
  9. Added Loop Image for music effects buttons that are playing in repeat mode.
  10. Added multiple music files mixing while recording.
  11. Ability to save multiple playlists of sound files & load to sound effects buttons.
  12. Changed functionality of Master Mix Slider in Preview of a music file.
  13. ID3 tag prompts added in recorder when saving voice, music and mixed track for Wav and .MP3 files.
  14. Host Selection list updated.

    Bug Fixes:
  1. Unable to open saved file in ePC Editor from Network path.
  2. Program not showing recording format in the status bar.
  3. Change Host Settings dialog box is resize-able at resolution 1024x768 Font size 120dpi.
  4. Host windows not closing with cancel.
  5. Access Violation in iTunes Information dialog box.
  6. Accessing ePX from the editor from within the iTunes Information dialog box allowed the duration field to be editable.
  7. Opening last file from the MRU list was showing an access violation.
  8. Incorrect message shown when an MP3 decoder was not installed.
  9. Incorrect message shown when adding an MP3 to a music function key.
  10. Un-Assigning music file using right click was not removing the temporary files.
  11. ePC not accepting "https" in the URL in ePX.
  12. From within ePC recorder, the "Edit Track / Mixed" button remained enabled, even if the currently recorded file was not saved.
  13. Recording only music track and when playing back the recorded music file, current Track Bar (At the Bottom of ePC) was not updating properly.
  14. Recording only music track and clicking on current track bar (At the Bottom of ePC) caused an access violation.
  15. Recording only music track and clicking on Wave Form of music track then current track bar (at the bottom of ePC) was not updating properly.
  16. Recording only music track and when playing back the recorded music file sometimes would not play complete file.
  17. Recording only music track not updating properly in recording status bar.
  18. If the length of voice track is smaller than the length of the music track, the mixed playback will be equal to the voice track length.
  19. ePC showing a series of access violations.
  20. Mixed file playback is playing back in fast forward in some instances.
  21. Mixed file playback is playing back at very slow tempo in some instances.
  22. Open a voice track, and the "Save Voice Track"; "Save Music Track" button is enabled but not able to function in some instances.
  23. Text on Music Wave Display Area remains "Recording Music Track."
  24. Display problems in some instances.
  25. In ePC Editor, Saving a MP3 file using the Lame encoder is creating 0 byte file.
  26. Both Voice and Music "Recording button" appears enabled.
  27. When the Fraunhoffer decoder only is installed on machine, in ePC Recorder saving in MP3 format would not function.
  28. Trim voice and music sliders and master mix slider related clipping problems.
  29. Access violation in ePC Recorder.
  30. "Pause" button remains pressed and the recording status is showing "Paused".
  31. Program showing error Code 103 message.
  32. Not playing the music files assigned to music buttons from "Load" option.
  33. Not saving the Music file name and location for "F1".
  34. List index out of bounds error message when trying to un-assign the music files.
  35. Music Segments showing "Current Page:" caption while only having one page in ePC.
  36. "Tool Tip" for save music track is showing "Mixed down to Original file", while it should show "Save only music file".
  37. "F1" for help not working.
  38. All subsequent music files stopped, when an earlier played music file is finished.
  39. On ePC UI, the Label "Press Esc to Stop Music" and "Current Page" are superimposed on each other at resolution 1024x769 120dpi.
  40. The Caption on the Music buttons (Music function keys) not properly displayed.
  41. ePX integration and issues addressed.
  42. Some images changed in Editor.
  43. In ePC Editor, On rip and burn UI "Tools/Plus" menu option is not working.
  44. On Rip UI "Rip to Music Library" button is not working.
  45. Music files now being saved consistently.
  46. Check for Keywords separated by spaces or not in ePX.

 ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.34 released September 17, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Save the Custom (Host) settings in the hostsettings.ini file.
  2. Instead of storing the hostsetting.ini at application data path, we are storing user name and Password (Login name) in registry.
  3. Link to tutorial in opening dialog box and wizard

    Bug Fixes:
  1. Saving MP3 file on network drive and conversion using encoder "Windows ACM" is stuck.
  2. FTP upload process not successful when entering the XML feed name with '.xml' extension. Saving produces error: "Cannot open file..... " referring to the .xml file being created.
  3. Manually entering the path in the "Save Podcast Info" dialog will not save as a podcast.
  4. After recording a music file, opening editor to edit the file and returning to the recorder produces an access violation.
  5. With some files, when mixed into the recording, there is a loud tick at the end of the file.
  6. Canceling the "MP3 to Wave" conversion process in the Podcast Wizard not functioning properly.
  7. Pressing Control and clicking on the waveform box to open the teleprompter script file, causes the effect function keys to go in Control mode putting all the effects in the first page. Creates user confusion.
  8. ePC was not restoring the last set directory in the "Locate Audio" section.
  9. The Playback and recording controls on ePC become disabled in certain conditions.
  10. In the ePC Trial, the Real Audio export is showing Trial screen and not allowing use of "Export/Real Audio"
  11. Changed the caption for MP3 TO Wave conversion process window.
  12. The "Save as podcast" dialog box and the "Save Podcast Information" captions were corrected and reviewed.
  13. "Cancel" button in iTunes Information form was not working.
  14. After Deleting/removing/renaming locate music directory it is still opening directory in tree view.
  15. The "iTunes Specific Information" dialog box is disabled at resolution: 1024x768 120dpi.
  16. The Audio Quality of the Music files decreases, if I record in different formats one after another.
  17. Label on effects buttons.
  18. Feed is not Validating if "�" Mark in Copyright : [Special character].
  19. Image in Dialog box which appears after trial expiration not appearing proper.
  20. Show Email Hint for WebMaster and Editor.
  21. Erratic changes in the record source on ePC Recorder when loading and unloading the ePC Editor.
  22. MP3 decoder not installed. Warning appearing multiple times for each MP3 files added to the wizard.
  23. While uploading a podcast the upload process cannot be stopped. Access to ePC not available.
  24. Empty folder can be assigned to music effect buttons.
  25. When we select Custom in the Host Name popup of the Save Podcast dialog it shows a dialogue box that accepts the Host Settings for New Host.
  26. "Tab Indexes" for buttons on Save Podcast Information form should be revised.
  27. Showing message "Saved Audio Filename one.mp3 does not exist in the podcast link."
  28. In the iTunes Information dialog box showing error message : List index out of bounds (-1).
  29. Music function key press stops the playback of recorded file.
  30. During playback of Music, Voice or Mixed track, pausing the playback and then FF or Rewind, results in the cursor moving in the Voice track only..
  31. In some instances music file playback results in fast forward or very slow tempo.
  32. If MP3 codec is not available the program does not allow adding Wave files to the music function keys.
  33. During recording of voice track, adding a music file from the locate music section causes program freezing.
  34. Pausing recording and adding a music file to a music function key causes program freezing.
  35. When no music file is assigned on the music function keys, the right click on it is showing a popup menu having option "Unassign Effect".

 ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.30 released August 16, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Buy Now button implemented for 100th user free podcasting giveaway promotion and 5% discount to all who click on Buy Now. Promotion runs thru Sept. 30th.
  2. Separate music, voice and voice & music recording buttons.
  3. Re-Recording of music and voice tracks. Ability to change the mixed recording implemented.
  4. Exit Poll Implemented in Trial version.

    Bug Fixes:
  1. Activation problem in Limited User Accounts. Now Limited account users can successfully use the ePC trial versions.
  2. 12 music Files support for ePC Recorder. [Earlier it was adding 36 files.]
  3. Recording with "no mixer" devices. ePC previously showed an access violation. Changed message to inability to communicate with the mixer.
  4. The dialog box that appears when dropping a file on the music function key is now resizable at the following resolution: 1024x768 120 dpi.
  5. In both ePC, when adding effect files from the Podcast wizard the Balloon text associated with the effect button shows the file name followed by commas.
  6. Sound effect appearing changed. When changing display of current position timer value the first page for "Music Segments" is changed to "Shift Page" and it remains shift page till we don't try to change.
  7. While recording the File/Open menu option and Upload Podcast is available and opens the welcome screen, allowing uploading of earlier created podcasts, This is problematic because while uploading the recording was not proper.
  8. Remove All was not enabled when adding files using Add button in the Wizard.
  9. The color of the level meters was changed to red from blue to increase visibility.
  10. Help Button For "Podcast Save As" and "Podcast Information Session" added.
  11. Link in Help menu from Recorder "Get free demo" was opening error 404 page.
  12. Help topics; Vocal Reducer, Mono to Stereo, Center Channel removal were refered to Industrial Audio Editor.
  13. Click on the "More information" button on the Vocal reducer dialog box is refers to the Industrial Audio Editor.
  14. Host configuration dialog not opening with correct host selected.
  15. Choosing to add a podcast in an existing series, the URL "Podcast Link" was not autofilled.
  16. Playback problem in "Zoom Out" condition in both ePC Recorder.
  17. The status of option "Lock L/R Volume" is not restored, when launching the program.
  18. While uploading an existing feed the html of that feed was not updated. Instead a new HTML file was being created.
  19. Shortcut keys information was not showing proper alignment on the file menu in ePCRecorder and ePC Editor.
 ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.23 released July 13, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Program name is changed to ePodcast Creator.
  2. Trial period in ePodcast Creator extended to 30 days in trial Version.

    Bug Fixes:
  1. MP3 files being saved as text files.
  2. Restricting the Audio file and XML file name. We are not allowing characters that are not valid for URLs and restricting special characters in URLs.
  3. Replace space character in the feed name and audio filename with underscore.
  4. In ePCEditor, under some conditions the XML feed is corrupted and podcast is appearing as a text file.
  5. Removed the existing file extension and replaced it with .pdi.
  6. Creating and uploading an MP3 file having a space character and not showing any warning for not using the space character in MP3 file name.
  7. In certain conditions uploading .Wav extension file instead of MP3.
  8. Access Violation, when music file is playing and trying to record a podcast in ePC.
  9. Recording Indicator blinking when recording had stopped.
  10. ePC showing two "Save file as" dialog boxes.
  11. On main UI option "Lock L/R volumes" always remains checked.
  12. Modifications to generate Automatic Feed Link.
 ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.18 released June 27, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. Removed one minute saving for trial Versions.
  2. Pause recording feature added.
  3. Added function to create an HTML file according to the page Template, while saving a podcast file, and uploading the file as a podcast.
  4. Single button on the UI and entry under the File menu to upload podcast. [This is in ePCRecorder only]
  5. Changed the size of the Fader Mix.
  6. Display Podcast information before uploading.
  7. ePCEditor prompts to enter ID3 Tag information while saving a file. Added menu item "File/Change Song Info".

    Bug Fixes:
  1. ePCEditor Trial is not asking to save the modified file.
  2. Modification for device difference in control panel output device and device selected in preference.
  3. Recording right volume slide bar enabled for mono devices.
  4. In ePCEditor opening a podcast and uploading it is showing access violation message. "Access violation at address 7C913144 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00404019"
  5. Music files lost on music function keys under some conditions.
  6. The popup menu does not have option to add effect in F7 key.
  7. The Music Segments [function key's] panel overriding the locate music [Right] Pan.
  8. Loading more than one file for a button on same page shows ToolTip Text filename twice.
  9. Make default saving of Files to .MP3 instead of .WAV.
  10. Access violation problem when uploading the podcast in Wav. format through the Welcome screen.
  11. Yes/No Buttons of restore music tab are not working properly when creating more than one podcast.
  12. Save FTP session problem.
 ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.12 released June 6, 2005
    Changes in this Version:
  1. The Podcast Wizard has two new tabs added to the wizard: 'Music Quality' and 'Restore Music'.
  2. Added ability to restore the last used set of music function key assignments from the last podcast session. In new session, user is asked if they want to assign the last used music files to the current session.
  3. When pressing the Record button, program by default opens the Podcast Wizard, and begins the podcast process. User may choose not to go through the Podcast Wizard steps and directly proceed to recording.
  4. Custom option added in the "Existing Host" field in the "Save Podcast" dialog box. Two pre-existing free & trial host services are included in the ini file, and also in the "Existing Host" field in the "Save Podcast" dialog box. Program automatically enters the URL for these two hosts.
  5. Main recording interface added prompts "Locate Music", "Stop Music", "Pres Esc to stop music."

    Bug Fixes:
  1. The ePC Recorder and ePC Editor previously showed activation in each interface. Activation has been changed to one, from within the recorder interface .

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