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The ePodcast Series - Three great podcasting programs. Which one is right for you?

ePodcast Producer: Complete podcasting for professionals
ePodcast Creator: The serious tool for the part-time podcaster
ePodcast Express: From audio file to podcast with ease

Which podcasting software is right for you? We encourage you to download each program for free and try them all. Both ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator are completely integrated podcast software with the ability to record, edit, create an RSS feed, and upload all from one handy interface. ePodcast Express will turn any existing audio file into a podcast, create a feed, and upload to the internet. The following is a product features chart.

Feature ePodcast Producer ePodcast Creator ePodcast Express
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (TM) Compatible
Integrated recorder,editor,RSS feed creator & FTP client -
Full Featured Wave Recorder & Editor -
Live-on-the-fly radio style recording -
Record in WAVE or MP3 format -
Load in and record to an existing audio file -
Hot button keys for instant access to music and sound effects -
Sound Effects Set 1 and 2 - -
Load 36 audio & sound effects - -
Load 12 audio & sound effects - -
Save music playlists -
Ability to add ID3 tags and Song info
Edit ID3 tags & song files in MP3 and WAVE files
Integrated iTunes tag support and feed creation
Editable HTML & XML file generation
Built-in FTP client
Built-in Audio-file playback
Editor with full DSP effects package -
WAV and MP3 Converter -
Export RealAudio files for use on the internet - -
Open and edit WMA files and export to WMA format -
Integrated CD ripping & burning for WMP compatible burners - -
Track-splitter - -
Reduce or even remove vocal tracks from a single track - -
Record Cleaner - eliminate hums, hiss, pops -
Multiple File Editing -have multiple MP3 & WAVE files open at once - -
Batch Export of WMA & MP3 files - -
Teleprompter - -
Voice FX - -
Drag & Drop audio files to hot button keys: -
Drag & Drop audio files into editor: -
Bass Boost -
Compression & Limiting - -
Pitch/Frequency Changer - -
Scene FX - -
Tempo/Speed Changer - -
Voice Changer - -
Reverb - -
Drag and Drop Facility for LAME Encoder -

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