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  Welcome to Industrial Audio Software's Podcasting Tutorial Section!

Whether you are just getting started with podcasting or are already producing podcasts, this is a great place to learn! Each link below will take you to a step-by-step tutorial on that subject. Enjoy!

An End to the Traditional Telephone
An End to the Traditional Telephone

How to use podcasting for internal employee communications

Video Tutorial on Podcasting with ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator
Podcasting with ePodcast Producer

This video demonstration shows how to create, edit, & upload a podcast. Easy step-by-step directions

What is Podcasting?
What is Podcasting

A general overview of podcasting with sections on RSS enclosures, FTP and audio aggregators.

Creating your first podcast with ePodcast Producer
Podcasting with ePodcast Producer

Complete step-by-step tutorial on podcasting with ePodcast Producer. We take you thru recording, editing, mixing, RSS tagging and FTP uploading. We review all program menus and function keys and show you why ePodcast Producer is the most integrated and easiest podcasting solution around!

ePodcast Producer Quick Start Tips
Podcasting with ePodcast Producer

3 Quick Steps that will have you podcasting with ePodcast Producer in just a few minutes. Includes links to fun tips, including information on customizing your screen.

Customizing ePodcast Producer's and ePodcast Creator's Screen
Podcasting with ePodcast Producer

Easy, step-by-step instructions for changing the appearance of ePodcast Producer & ePodcast Creator. Make your screen match your mood.

Advanced Features of ePodcast Producer

Specific directions for adding podcasts to a series*; using the teleprompter; using Voice FX; using ePodcast Editor*; with additional information on selecting FTP hosts. (* adding podcasts to a series & instructions for ePodcast Editor also applicable to ePodcast Creator)

Editing Sounds
Sound Editing

Using ePodcast Producer and ePodcast Creator's built in editor we guide you through editing your sound files. We teach the basic operations of editing as well as covering some advanced skills and techniques.

Promoting and Publishing your Podcast
Promoting and Publishing your Podcast

You've successfully created your podcast, now you want to Let the World Hear it! How to share your podcast on the web and promote it.

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