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(Seattle, WA  October 7, 2006) Divvycast (, a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc., today announces the launch of the internet�s first podcasting portal dedicated to connecting musicians and labels with local, national, and international advertisers. With Divvycast, musicians can create and upload podcasts and gain sponsorship from interested advertisers. Musicians generate income by posting these podcasts with the top podcast aggregators and social networking sites across the internet. Through music clips, live concert recordings, and interviews, artists can reach fans through Divvycast, using it as a forum to promote their latest album release or concert dates. In a recent article about Divvycast, Podcasting News says: �It's a natural fit.�

Designed for garage bands and major artists alike, Divvycast currently offers three subscription tiers. Monthly subscriptions on Tier 1 include a free copy of the award-winning ePodcast Creator Lite (PC) or ePodcast Express (Mac) plus storage and bandwidth. Yearly subscriptions include a free copy of ePodcast Creator or ePodcast Producer. As a band�s popularity grows, they can upgrade their plan to accommodate hosting and bandwidth needs. Musicians can also upload buttons or banners which can be linked to their podcasts and posted on various social-networking sites like MySpace and TagWorld. Additionally, Divvycast provides direct links to various podcast aggregators such as iTunes and Yahoo! Podcasts where they can submit their podcast RSS feeds.

�Divvycast provides a forum where talented and driven musicians can build a global audience, appeal to top-notch advertisers, and generate substantial revenue,� said Bobby McFarland, co-founder of Divvycast. �It�s a two-way street. For musicians, Divvycast enables them to connect with fans in a much more intimate and dynamic setting while generating advertising revenue. For advertisers, Divvycast provides the perfect opportunity to connect with their target audience and distribute their message through the most popular internet destinations on the Web.�

Divvycast plans to team up with various partners to provide mobile podcasting and video streaming in the near future. Just as the growth of podcasting and internet music have surged in the past few years, Divvycast envisions a medium in which the interests of advertisers and musicians can do likewise.

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