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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ePodcast Producer - A Powerful Podcast Solution For Recording, Editing, and More

ePodcast Producer - A Powerful Podcast Solution For Recording, Editing, and More
From Corey Deitz,Your Guide to Radio.

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The Bottom Line

Industrial Audio Software's ePodcast Producer is an all-in-one solution for creating powerful audio presentations which years ago would have required expensive recording time in a studio or at least a home studio stocked with expensive high-end equipment. Now, it’s all on your PC with the additional tools of FTP support and RSS file creation which are the heart of podcasting.

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Guide Review - ePodcast Producer - A Powerful Podcast Solution For Recording, Editing, and More
Industrial Audio Software has introduced ePodcast Producer which is one of those products which is so full of useful features, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The program’s help files sums it up: “ePodcast Producer is a complete audio editing & recording software program, RSS feed creator, and ftp client that offers an all-in- one solution in one user friendly interface. With ePodcast Producer you don’t need two or three programs to create your podcast."

Every word is true.

The real power from this software is in it’s recording interface which is clean and straightforward, even a beginner could create a podcast with voice, music and even sound effects – yet there are built-in features which make ePodcast Producer’s recording and editing features very powerful.

ePodcast Producer allows the user to record audio with music and effects, mix it down, easily create the RSS file needed for podcasting and then upload the files to the appropriate server. For a serious podcaster, this software offers time-saving elements which will speed up and make podcast creation more fun and professional.

ePodcast Producer offers a free trial download so you can see if it's the right solution to your podcasting needs.

The retail price is $249.00.

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Full review & article: http://radio.about.com/od/softwaretocreatepodcasts/gr/blipodproducer.htm

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