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Friday, July 15, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version1.2.19 released July 15, 2005

ePodcast Producer Version 1.2.19 released July 15, 2005

This version has the following changes.

Changes in this version:
1. Program name is changed to ePodcast Producer
2. Trial period extended to 30 days in ePodcastProducer Trial version.

Bug Fixes:
1. MP3 files being saved as text files.
2. Restricting the Audio file and XML file name. We are not allowing characters that are not valid for URLs and restricting special characters in URLs.
3. Replace space character in the feed name and audio filename with underscore.
4. In iPPEditor, under some conditions the XML feed is corrupted and podcast is appearing as a text file.
5. Removed the existing file extension and replaced it with .pdi"
6. Creating and uploading an MP3 file having a space character and not showing any warning for not using the space character in MP3 file name.
7. In certain conditions uploading .Wav extension file instead of MP3.
8. Access Violation, when music file is playing and trying to record a podcast in iPP.
9. Recording Indicator blinking when recording had stopped.
10. iPP showing two "Save file as" dialog boxes.
11. On main UI option "Lock L/R volumes" always remains checked.
12. Modifications to generate Automatic Feed Link.
13. On the iPPRecorder expiry window a link is broken.
14. Editor creating registry entries in Blaze audio key [Now creating under Industrialaudiosoftware]
15.The FTP interface dialog box is not opening with the correct Remote directory.

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