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Thursday, August 25, 2005

ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.30 released August 16, 2005

ePodcast Creator Version 1.0.30 released August 16, 2005

This version has the following changes.

Changes in this version:

1. Buy Now button implemented for 100th user free podcasting giveaway promotion and 5% discount to all who click on Buy Now. Promotion runs thru Sept. 30th.

2. Separate music, voice and voice & music recording buttons.

3. Re-Recording of music and voice tracks. Ability to change the mixed recording implemented.

4. Exit Poll Implemented in Trial version.

Bug Fixes:

1. Activation problem in Limited User Accounts. Now Limited account users can successfully use the ePP / ePC trial versions.

2. 12 music Files support for ePC Recorder. [Earlier it was adding 36 files.]

3. Recording with "no mixer" devices. ePP/ePC previously showed an access violation. Changed message to inability to communicate with the mixer.

4. The dialog box that appears when dropping a file on the music function key is now resizable at the following resolution: 1024x768 120 dpi.

5. In both ePP & ePC, when adding effect files from the Podcast wizard the Balloon text associated with the effect button shows the file name followed by commas.

6. Sound effect appearing changed. When changing display of current position timer value the first page for "Music Segments" is changed to "Shift Page" and it remains shift page till we don't try to change.

7. While recording the File/Open menu option and Upload Podcast is available and opens the welcome screen, allowing uploading of earlier created podcasts, This is problematic because while uploading the recording was not proper.

8. Remove All was not enabled when adding files using Add button in the Wizard.

9. The color of the level meters was changed to red from blue to increase visibility.

10. Help Button For "Podcast Save As" and "Podcast Information Session" added.

11. Link in Help menu from Recorder "Get free demo" was opening error 404 page.

12. Help topics; Vocal Reducer, Mono to Stereo, Center Channel removal were refered to Industrial Audio Editor.
13. Click on the "More information" button on the Vocal reducer dialog box is refers to the Industrial Audio Editor.
14. Host configuration dialog not opening with correct host selected.

15. Choosing to add a podcast in an existing series, the URL "Podcast Link" was not autofilled.

16. Playback problem in "Zoom Out" condition in both ePP & ePC Recorder.

17. The status of option "Lock L/R Volume" is not restored, when launching the program.

18. While uploading an existing feed the html of that feed was not updated. Instead a new HTML file was being created.
19. Shortcut keys information was not showing proper alignment on the file menu in ePCRecorder and ePC Editor.

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