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Podcasting with ePodcast Producer in 3 Easy Steps
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Podcasting with ePodcast Producer in 3 Easy Steps

1. Record Your Podcast Open ePodcast Producer. The Welcome window lets you choose whether you want to record a new podcast, edit an old one, or even take an existing audio recording and turn it into a podcast.

If you want to create a new podcast, start by choosing your music. It's easy to load up to 36 sound files--including music and sound effects--by using the convenient Locate Music window of the Podcast Wizard (also located in the Recording Interface), or by simply Dragging & Dropping the desired file onto one of 36 hot button keys. You can even choose entire files of music you've preselected for a particular program, all from the Recording Interface.

Once you've done this, click on the sounds you want to accompany your podcast, press Record, & start talking.

ePodcast Producer Fun Features: Learn how to record Skype conversations, load your script into a teleprompter, create character voices, & even customize the display to choose colors you want on your screen. Click Here to find out more!

2. Edit Your Podcast To give your podcast professional recording studio polish, edit the completed Voice & Music tracks separately, then as a Mixed Track. ePodcast Producer's Editor is completely integrated, so you can open your recorded files directly in the editor, or even Drag & Drop new material in wherever you want. Change the Tempo or Pitch of selected sections, add Reverb, EQ, or Compression & Limiting. You're the sound engineer!

ePodcast Producer Fun Features: Learn how to edit Wave files & get the most out of ePodcast Producer's versatile studio editor. Click Here to find out more!

3. Upload Your Podcast Making your podcast available online for others to enjoy is as simple as clicking Upload Podcast and entering your host information as directed. ePodcast Producer leads you step by step through the process and uploads your podcast for you. You can even list your podcast in iTunes Podcasting Directory, the largest Podcasting Directory in the world-without ever leaving ePodcast Producer!

ePodcast Producer Fun Features: Learn how to find the right host for your podcast. Click Here to find out more!

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