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 Questions? You've come to the right place!

 Discussion Groups

If you have a general audio-related question, you should consider posting it on one of our Discussion Groups. This is the best way to get a number of opinions and ideas about a subject.

 Software Issues

Need help with Industrial Audio Software software? Take a look at our listings of frequently asked questions and answers. Whether you have a problem with your order, something isn't working right, or you have a more general question, there's a good chance someone has asked it before, and we've posted the answers for your convenience.

 Version History

Full version histories and release notes of our products are available for:
ePodcast Producer
ePodcast Creator


Need to report a bug or send us your system configuration details? Audio Tester is the answer! You may download the latest version or get instructions about how to use AudioTester.

 Still Stuck?

If you've tried the above and you're still having trouble, let us help! For questions about Industrial Audio Software software (Registered or Trial Version) please download and run our Audio Tester utility and send the results and a complete description of the problem to our support department: [email protected]. We recommend that you include Audio Tester results in your request because we can often solve the problem faster once we know how your computer's audio configuration is set up.

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