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Podcasting in Education FAQs:

What is podcasting and how can I use it in my classroom?
--Podcasting is the ability to record audio content and make it available over the internet. In the classroom, podcasting allows teachers to:

  • Record lectures & class discussions so they're available to absent students or for unit reviews;
  • Create special music, sports, & dramatic programming for schools to use on their home websites;
  • Enable students to create audio reports on any subject.
Schools are also using it to post spirit rallies and their daily bulletins.

Who's currently using it?
--Teachers and students around the world. For a fair sample of podcasting applications in the classroom, go to the Yahoo! Podcasting-Education group and take a look:

How do I do it? Do I have to have an iPod?®
--First of all, you don't need an iPod®. The name "podcasting" was coined because the content could be listened to on an iPod®. It can also be listened to on a computer or any MP3 player. Some programs (such as ePodcast Producer) even allow you to burn CDs so the program can be listened to on any CD player.

In order to create a podcast you need a computer, a mic or headset, and a way to record, edit, and then upload your podcast to a host site on the internet. Finally, you need a host site. (Click Here to learn more about host sites.) Industrial Audio Software offers 2 programs which will do the necessary recording, editing, and uploading: ePodcast Producer & ePodcast Creator. To see a short free video demonstrating how it's done, click here.

Any ideas for getting started?
--For a list of lesson plans & study guides that have been created for using podcasting in the classroom, click here.

If I wanted to record my day's lecture, what would be involved?
--Just set up a mic at your lectern or desk or get a clip-on mic or headset. Hook it to your computer - you can even use wireless connections for this - and launch your program. When you're through recording, just save the file and upload it. You can even save the file and edit it later during your planning period to add special effects, music, delete pauses - anything you' d like. That's it!

How much does all this cost?
--If you already have a computer, you can probably get a good mic from your school's AV lab. If not, you can buy an excellent headset (like the Beyerdynamic DT 234 PRO) for under a $100. ePodcast Producer is regularly priced at $249.95; ePodcast Creator is regularly priced at $89.95. IAS always offers a 10% discount to all educators and educational institutions and special rates for multiple copies and site licensing. Click Here to find out more.

What kind of educational podcasts are already available?
--There are already tens of thousands of podcasts pertaining to education available, from content for home schooling to schools' and classes' daily shows to university coursework. Go to any good podcasting directory (such as Podcast Pickle: or Podcast Directory: ) and search for educational podcasts.

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