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VoiceOver Studio

Makes recording voiceovers easy even if you aren't an audio engineer. You don't need a complex multitrack editor with VoiceOver Studio- just record or load in the backing track, set punch in and out, record the voiceover, and mix down with full control over volumes

  • Easy to use for non-engineers- create perfect voiceovers!
  • Punch in/Punch out and Fade in/Fade out allow easy control over final mix
  • Adjust volume for both original and overdub on mixdown
  • Get your timing perfect with preset length
  • Record or load prerecorded background file, overdub from any sound source
  • VoiceOver Studio
    Creating a voiceover

    There has never been a tool designed exclusively for commercial and overdub producer before. You don't need a complex multitrack recorder to produce perfect overdubs- just fire up VoiceOver Studio, either load in or record the background sound, set punch in and punch out for the overdub, and add your voiceover or other sound-on-sound material.
    VoiceOver Studio

    You can set fade in and fade out for the overdub, and set the amount of the original and the overdub that goes into the final mix. This program is designed to turn non-engineers into professional overdub artists.

    The built in effects allow you to pump up the sound for your listeners- equalize, remove noise, fade in and out, and many more including Vocal Reducer, which will reduce or even eliminate vocals from recorded music using sophisticated equalization and center channel removal technologies.

    VoiceOver Studio
    Engineer and voiceover artist enjoy using VoiceOver Studio

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