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Step 6- Saving a Podcast   playing back and editing your podcast         Choosing your music and sound effects      
Creating your first podcast with ePodcast Producer
1. Setting up
2. Choosing your music and sound effects
3. Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen
4. Recording your podcast
5. Playing back and editing your podcast
6. Saving a Podcast
7. Uploading a Podcast
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ePP Podcast Tutorial
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Part I - Recording & editing your first podcast using ePodcast Producer
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Before uploading to your host site, you must first save your recording. Click Save Mixed Track. A dialog box will ask you to name your file and select the format in which you wish to save it. It is best saved in MP3 format.

An MP3 Conversion dialog box appears. Codecs and Bitrate are set by default. Click Start. Once the conversion to MP3 is finished, a dialog box entitled Music Information will appear asking if you wish to enter/modify music information. Selecting Yes allows you to enter information for ID3 tags. These are the tags that will accompany your podcast onto the screen of the MP3 player when a listener downloads your podcast and will provide the listener with such information as the name of the podcast, its date, and any additional comments you wish to include. After entering this information click OK, or click No when the dialog box appears.

Next, click File->Save as Podcast or Upload Podcast. Either one opens ePodcast Express, the facility ePodcast Producer uses to create the feeds and tags necessary to upload your podcast to the internet.

Select either Podcast Basic or Podcast with iTunes Tags. Use the latter if you intend to list your podcast with iTunes Podcast Directory.

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Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Setting up Choosing your music and sound effects Understanding the ePodcast Record Screen Recording your podcast playing back and editing your podcast Saving a Podcast Uploading a Podcast Uploading a Podcast

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